The Rockovas - Rock n Roll Party

The Rockovas are here to blow your mind with pure rock awesomeness.

Baroq House where holding a rock n roll theme party to celebrate the birthday of a dear friend of mine. Over a few beers, I came up with the crazy idea of creating a fake band and pretending they were on tour as a way of promoting the event. Enter – the Rockovas.

The Rockovas where a band comprised of five “English” rockers, with a demeanour and charm heavily inspired by the cult classic Spinal Tap. I was also a member of this faux band. We all wore wigs, talked in horrible accents, and nobody in the band could actually play an instrument except me – I’ve played the drums since I was four.

Oddly enough, there was something quite loveable about The Rockovas. Within only two weeks we had several thousand likes on our Facebook page, made three guest appearances at celebrity events, we even did a signing and opened an Ed Hardy store, had several interviews including live breakfast radio and a TV show, and for some strange reason we garnered more success as a fake band in those two weeks, than a lot of real bands ever achieve. It was weird.

To say the least, the entire ‘band’ was a hit, and after a month of promo, the event was a complete success.


Baroq House