Sportsgirl Website (2009 - Present)


Design and creative of the highly interactive eCommerce web and mobile site for Australian fashion giants Sportsgirl.

After already having delivered a groundbreaking site in 2007, and having won several awards for innovation, creativity and more, Sportsgirl asked us to take the existing site up a notch with a fresh design and UI that could start tapping in to mobile devices and take the social shopping elements of the site to a whole new level.

The result was an online social network of fashion lovers based on creating  “Look Book whereby the site itself was based on you – the female population buying Sportsgirl – and creating an online destination to create your own look books, and socially engage with one another.

The results where outstanding, and the media labelled the site upgrade the world’s first social network for fashion, even if forums, apps and such where already in existence.

The site set a benchmark for fashion and online shopping, paving the way for new innovations for stores like ASOS, The Iconic and more. A lot of the fundamental design and user experience placed in to the design and function of the Sportsgirl site, was adopted and adapted in to the function of those sites.