Sportsgirl - Website (2007 - 2009)


Website design and highly interactive eCommerce store for Australian retail icons Sportsgirl.

Australian womens fashion retailers Sportsgirl wanted an innovative, fresh and creative approach to their online store and digital offering in hope to lead the way and become an online fashion destination for Australians and global fashion lovers across the world. After months of strategic planning, myself and the creative team at Citrus delivered Sportsgirl not only one of the best online stores of it’s time, but a highly immersive and innovative eCommerce experience.

Launched in 2007 – and extremely ahead of its time – shoppers had the ability to engage one another in real time online whilst shopping via Facebook, gathering opinions and “hot or not votes on the latest trends and what they wanted to buy. This was not only a first for retail, but in many ways a first for Facebook and social shopping across all social channels.

From a user experience point of view, every component within the store had to be designed with the word ‘first’ in mind; we didn’t want to create a standard eCommerce website – we wanted to take every element and make it the best it could possibly be. This meant we designed and developed new and innovative technologies across all aspects of the site.

As a result the Sportsgirl website was a huge success, outselling all flagship Sportsgirl stores across Australia within the first three months of launch, and was nominated (and won) some of the most prestigious creative and marketing awards in all categories including design, innovation, user experience and technology.

In 2009 a new and updated version was launched that focused more on social media, social shopping and the site also got a mobile friendly makeover. You can view the second version here.