nANA jUDY - AW 2013 Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes of the nANA jUDY AW13 Collection

The story behind this clip is actually quite funny – I got a last minute call from my good friends at nANA jUDY asking if I could come down and film their shoot. At the time I was smack bang in the middle of a campaign for Samsung and I didn’t have any camera gear with me. What’s worse was, when arrived I was met with a list of problems and a short amount of time to solve them.

Nothing worked – we’re talking camera issues, battery issues, charging issues, missing camera SD cards… All the nightmares of shoots all at once! It seemed like there was no way we were going to get any footage because every attempt to film anything ended up lasting all of 5 minutes before the battery ran out.

And so… Knowing that the footage was going to be black and white, I asked what seemed like the dumb question – “why don’t we film on our phones”. People laughed. Glenn the director of nANA jUDY almost cried he laughed so hard. But being an extremely close mate, he trusted me and so – here we are!

You’re looking at the result of about 15-25 minutes of iPhone footage (that’s all the time I had left before the battery ran out) stitched together and edited in After Effects.

Photographed by David Higgs, filmed and edited on an iPhone 5 by Lazwah Creative.