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Milkfed isn’t your typical agency – and the Milkfed website isn’t so typical either. Welcome to a parallax world of gif awesomeness and oddities in the form of looping visuals.

I remember when Matt Giles – the head gorilla down at casa del Tramp, Bigfoot Lodge, Milkfed and Festival Pimps – approached me about putting something together for the Milkfed website. I hadn’t seen the guy in over a year (he was still fat) and it had almost been too long between drinks – or so I thought. We bumped in to each other randomly at 4am and he convinced everyone at the bar that I was the best designer in the world. I was flattered.

And then he convinced me to make this website and I ignored all of his phone calls.

That’s when the flattery turned in to abuse and he hated me for ‘not showing him the Milkfed website’. Truth be told, I designed and built this site three times, because I wanted it to live up to the name Matt gave me – and because I knew that whatever Matt Giles says is awesome, better be awesome. So I scrapped everything I made, and then made it again, and again, and then again.

I needed time. I tend to ignore people when I am making a masterpiece – it’s a horrible trait of mine. I figure it’s easier to ignore the call, than it is to explain “sorry, you’re just going to have to wait and I promise it’ll be amazing when you see it” – nobody likes that.

I finally settled on creating the entire site using parallax gif backgrounds. Believe it or not, gifs are actually awesome if they’re used correctly – and the look was unlike anything I had seen done before, so I rolled with it. Parallax movement on the scroll really gave it the edge I wanted too.

When Matt finally did see it, I think he wet his pants a little with excitement. He loved it to much, it became the start of our working relationship together, and together Matt and myself have worked collaboratively across all of his venues and businesses including Milkfed, Tramp, Bigfoot, Festival Pimps – and let’s not forget our collaboration together on none other than Beyond the Valley – as well as helping brand other venues, marketing other bars and clubs, help out our friends in their businesses and more.


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