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Beyond the Valley Music Festival

Beyond the Valley flyer & feather creative work

Creating an iconic design out of nothing is no easy task, especially when that design has to flow across every element of a huge festival that hasn’t even been planned yet.

I remember the first full-team creative meeting for BTV. I’d already presented over 30 names and logo ideas, but nothing was final until this day. Along with my compadres in Milkfed, myself and the Anyway crew, we sat at a pizza joint on Collins St as they briefed me on what their vision for Beyond the Valley and how it might look. They knew very little about my work and until this day, all correspondence was via Matt Giles or phone.

They had a vibe, and they had a very loose list of artists they wanted. It was a no brainer that a camping festival was going to have to include earth tones and textures. They showed me some things they liked, but ultimately left the conceptual side up to me as they were impressed by my rough ideas. I left that meeting thinking ‘I better do something good’.

We didn’t talk for the next week.

Initially, I couldn’t think of anything. I literally slaved hour after hour, day and night trying to come up with something unique, fresh and new to the festival circuit – and I was stumped. After an entire week, it wasn’t until the last day that it all came together, and what you see now is a combination of those hours, meticulously piecing together everything I had done.

Everything was created with purpose – the feather sketch, the aztec style pattern border, the textures holding it all together – everything. For instance, behind the feathers is a drawing of a dead rabbit in the grass. I was playing around with different sketches before I decided to move forward with the feather design – the grass and dead rabbit created a really awesome texture so I dropped it in last minute. We often referred to it as ‘the dead rabbit’ when we wanted to add a texture to a piece of creative – “put the dead rabbit in the background”.


Beyond the Valley Music Festival




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Primary Logo - Black

Primary Logo - Black

Feather concept art from sketch to final collateral

Initial flyer design concepts for Beyond the Valley