Baroq House Event Flyers

Event flyers and creative promotions for Melbourne’s most loved mansion – Baroq House

Check out the creative for some of the various branded events I have designed for Baroq House. Between 2008 and 2012, my two best mates Nic & Bodie ran the Friday night at Baroq House, and I (naturally) became heavily involved in the creative and planning.

Nic went on to form The Bushy Creative – a web design agency, works heavily with YGAP and various charities, and also has recently launched Matcha Maiden – a natural organic tea that’s full of good stuff for your body.

Bodie went on to form Dilate – a marketing agency based primarily in Perth and is now growing beyond measure.

Neither of them had any background in the field before meeting me, but I like to think that I had a special part to play in their career development. I owe them for making my younger years hilariously stupid and fun, and probably shaving years of time off my life. They’re like brothers to me and I am thankful to have them in my life.