2015 Showcase

Lazwah hearts Milkfed

To the wee world of music, most assume Milkfed merely own a few clubs, manage a few acts (15 and counting) and throw a wee party or two (Beyond the Valley was quite the party)… but no siree!

What Milkfed are infact is a wild, magnificent and sensationally silly creative agency.

Yes they have their greedy tubby little fingers in lots of little pies but their real baby is creative, branding and marketing. From a sublime and effervescent re-brand of your current corporate ID, to putting the defibrillator on standby as they reveal to you your brand spanking new website – their design and creative arm combines twenty years of success in boutique bars, clubs and the bits in between, with the gentle genius of one of the countries top Creative Directors – Lazwah Creative.

“With over 100 clients to boot, our chief in the creative chair has a client list with more balls than Heidi Fleiss!” Matt Giles, Director of Milkfed

We think It’s love. Milkfed Agency + Lazwah Creative are officially dating. Yes, in the romantic way.

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Creative by multi-award winning Australian designer and Creative Director – Christopher ‘Lazwah’ Maisano.

Christopher Maisano – known to friends as Lazwah – has over 10 years industry experience as a creative lead, designer, digital strategist and Creative Director.

Lazwah has worked for some of the largest global advertising agencies, successfully executing award-winning campaign and creative work for some of the biggest brands in the world including Samsung, AdidasSportsgirlHarry Potter, HondaQantas, Ford and many more.

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Featured Creative Projects

A collection of the best creative projects designed by Lazwah – featuring projects in all fields, including web and mobile, campaign and marketing, print media, video and post-production, social, brand strategy and more.

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Websites, Mobile & Digital Creative

Websites, mobile sites, iOS & Android apps, digital marketing campaigns, UX and strategy, social media, SEO and more – Lazwah has over twelve years top-level industry experience across all digital creative and development fields.

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If you’re going to try sell yourself, it’s always good to look the part when it comes to business – covering everything from logo design, business collateral, style guides, product design, and brand strategy, check out some of Lazwah’s brand creative.

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Strategic brand campaigns, competitions and marketing promotions are paramount for any business to grow and connect with their customers. Check out some of Lazwah’s campaign creative and promotions that stretch across digital, above the line and more.

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Print & Posters

If you don’t stand out, nobody will pay attention – from event flyers & posters, brochures and booklets, signage & stage design, guerrilla marketing, street promotions and more – check out some of the print work Lazwah has done.

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Video, Animation & Post-Production

Animatics, logo stings, event promotions, TV commercials and more – Lazwah is in the business of making your business look good – and with social media growth on the rise, showing off is half the fun. Check out some of Lazwah’s video and post-production work.

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