Terms & Invoicing

Lazwah Creative may be also be referred to as ‘us’, ‘we’, ‘me’, ‘our business’, ‘this business’, ‘my business’, ‘Lazwah’, ‘Laz’, ‘Christopher Maisano’, ‘Chris Maisano’ and ‘Christopher Lazwah Maisano’ in the below terms. Lazwah Creative is a registered trading name under ASIC and applicable Australian Laws by Christopher Maisano.

The web address and domain url http://lazwah.com may be referred to as ‘our site’, ‘this site’, ‘our website’ and ‘this website’ in the below terms and throughout other content at this same url. This also refers to the domain and url https://lazwah.com and any other subdomains of https://lazwah.com and http://lazwah.com.

All information on this site is owned and copyright Christopher Maisano trading as Lazwah Creative and must not be reused, reproduced or copied without written legal consent from Christopher Maisano. All brands, logos, designs, concepts, visual identities and creative work (including any businesses or companies featured or mentioned) is copyright Lazwah Creative, Christopher Maisano and the respective brand and business owners.

All creative was designed by Christopher Maisano trading under Lazwah Creative. Some of the work featured may have been completed whilst under employment at agencies outside Lazwah Creative – these details and the agency responsible can be found on any and all project detail pages, under the Work section of our website. Each agency involved also holds their respective ownership rights for the creative work presented. If an agency wishes to remove a project from Lazwah Creative and this site, please contact us via info@lazwah.com

We’ll be adding a full terms and conditions page soon, including our policies on privacy, contractual work and all legal terms for various business and project types.